Why You Need a Voice Recording in Swedish of Your Manuscript

About nine million people speak fluent Swedish, mainly in Sweden and parts of Finland. That’s not much, you may argue.

But the percentage of Swedish speaking persons with high education, high income and influental positions in business, organizations, politics and entertainment is large compared to most other languages.

And nearly 700,000 Swedes live and work abroad. Many of them work in very influencial global companies, EU institutions, world organizations and top showbiz.

Plus: Swedish is the largest of the North Germanic languages measuring by number of speakers and it is understood by 10 million Norwegians and Danes.

So what makes them listen? Of course it depends on what kind of recording you are producing. Contact me with your specifics and I can give more detailed advice.

But two things are sure: To reach as many as possible you need a voice talent speaking standard or neutral or “proper” Swedish (like me) – whatever you want to call the kind of Swedish that everybody fully understands.

The other thing is that you need a talent speaking Swedish without an accent, of which there are many, because one accent might alienate or at least disturb listeners with another accent. That’s why most media productions are made in standard Swedish.

I’ll happily help you with translations and text editing – and recording of course.