Voice-Over Work Done

Videos voiced in Swedish – scroll down for English


An excerpt from a 2016 three part TV documentary from Lappland by Love Mönnig Nordgård, Roadrunner.

An excerpt from a 2017 cinema documentary about the artist Eva Eastwood by Matz Eklund, Filmdirekt.

Full short documentary about living with HIV by Teresa Fabik.


Commercial Web Videos

Explainer Videos

English – Scandinavian accent

The voice of (a) god – National Geographic needed a character voice in English with a Scandinavian accent for Odin in a video about vikings. Credits are shown at the end of the clip. Among them visual storyteller Hans Weise who hired me for this project.

The client was looking for a narrator speaking English with a Scandinavian accent for the product to be associated with Sweden as being an environmentally conscious country. Maybe it works.