What Clients Say About Swedish Voice Talent Nils Östergren

Of course, only positive reviews about the Swedish voice talent Nils Östergren are published here. Truth be told, there are dissatisfied customer reviews to report, but only from potential customers, that is, customers who have “turned around” when they have realized that a full-time professional business as a voice talent can not be conducted below a certain financial level.

Swedish Voice Talent Testimonials

“You have a fantastic voice Nils. From trustworthy and serious to selling.” Mikael Jisander, copywriter & producent, Jisander®.

Nils Östergren “saved us much time and money by detecting errors and suggesting corrections in our video manuscripts in Swedish. It turned out that they were not perfectly translated from Danish.” Jakob Hjort, Halftone Security®, Denmark

Nils Östergren’s “voice conveys security and simplicity, which suits our message perfectly.” Stefan Ny, Marketing Manager, Pricerunner®

Male Swedish Talent Nils Östergren's testimonials

“Awesome good work!” Ola W Tappert, Producer, Underton®

“Nils is a genuine radio professional. He takes directions very good and delivers the typical announcer-style as well as a more selling style unimpeded. Guaranteed to work with Nils again.” Daniel Kilgren, Creator/Director, Flickorna Larsson®

“Recording with Nils was incredibly smooth and fast. He was very good at taking direction and adjust his voice. The result in the video was exactly what we wanted. Would highly recommend him! ” Johan Lygrell, Lygrell & Silver®

Nils Östergren’s voice “corresponds well with the mood and feeling we want the movie to give the viewer. It provides a tranquil and distinct impression and creates confidence in the message of the film.” Pär Svensson, Head of sales, Nobia Svenska Kök AB – Marbodal®

“A soft male voice that inspires confidence, which is often demanded and useful. Fast delivery and a desire to get it well gives you – as a producer – always a satisfied end customer.” Ulf Lundh, Producer, Tonkällan®

“Clear voice, cooperativeness and communicate well about how jobs should be performed.” Daniel Nordblom, Producer, Nordblom Media®

“We were very happy to have Nils work with us on our recent localisation project. He was a pleasure to deal with and his deliveries were always on time, faultless, and of the highest quality. This was a big project for us, consisting of many different languages and voice talents, so to have someone of Nils’ experience, professionalism, and efficiency helped make the Swedish aspect run very smoothly and quickly. We would definitely enlist his services again in the future.” Niall O’Keeffe, Localisation Project Manager, Laragh Courseware

“Nils Östergren has a pleasant voice and delivers flawless recordings with high sound quality on time.” Andreas Seidler, Owner at MT.Recordings®

Voice Actor Testimonials for Accented English are not Included

Please note that the testimonials above about Swedish Voice Talent Nils Östergren only apply to his assignments recorded in Swedish, not in accented English. But if you request it, you can get references on recordings in English.