Terms for Nils Östergrens Voice-over Services

Terms November 17 2021   (additional eLearning terms here)

If not otherwise agreed in writing…

A project shall be considered approved and billable five (5) business days after the first delivery of recording(s).

An order for a new recording of the original manuscript due to how a previous recording sounds is performed free of charge within the five business days mentioned above.

An order for a new recording due to edits of the original manuscript and/or changed instructions about pronunciations is always charged per hour of studio work.

We discuss the project online and/or via email. The emails shall constitute our binding agreement concerning the use, delivery, payment terms, file formats, cutting and filtering etc of the recording.

I, Nils Östergren, am the sole legal owner of the copyright of the recording. You pay for your, or an end client’s, right to use it in an agreed format, in agreed media and for an agreed period of time. Therefore you can be held responsible if the recording is used by you or an end client in any other way than agreed upon.

Use of the recording in any other way than agreed upon requires a new negotiation and a new agreement.

Payment is due within 30 days from the date of the invoice.

A very large project for a new client may require a payment of 25-50% upfront.

I guarantee confidentiality about project details that are not already widely known.

Disputes shall be finally settled under Swedish law at a general court.

Fulfillment of my part of any given deal requires directions about style etc and answers to the following questions:

• How shall any unusual words/names be pronounced?
• Who is the end client?
• How many words are there in the manuscript?
• What is the end product(s) (in what will the recording be used)? *
• Where will the audio be published/used (media/platforms)? *
• For how long will the recording be used/public? *
• How many views/impressions do you anticipate it will receive?
• Will there be a need to synchronize the recording to time codes in the manuscript?
• Will there be a need to lip sync the recording?
• In what format must the recording be delivered?
• Will you require the recording to be split up in several individually named files? How many?
• Will you require processing of the audio?
• What is your business adress and – if it is within the European Union (EU) – your Value Added Tax (VAT) number?
• Deadline?

* Note that even if you are ordering a recording that will be used/published by someone else, you are always responsible for how the recording is used.