About Swedish Voice Actor Nils Östergren

No need to show the deeds – even less the look

This Swedish voice actor shouldn’t need an about page. Not even a picture. It’s the voice you are buying. And if this voice

… can’t instill the confidence you require to do business with it, then what is the point letting it represent you?

Your brand is talking

“The character of a brand, product or service is identified with the voice, much more than with what happens on camera.” (US veteran voice actor Fred Melamed.)

And vice versa, one may add to explain why this voice talent cannot act as the identity of harmful brands and business activities, for example online casinos, quick high interest loans, environmentally hazardous products, “alternative” medicine etc. Neither for party political or religious messages.

Good to Know About this Male Swedish Voice Actor

Public confidence in this voice has been built under Nils Östergrens’s more than 30 years as a reporter, host and news anchor in several Swedish national broadcasting companies plus as a voice in cinema- and TV-documentaries, explainers, corporate presentation videos and e-learning. Also, after leaving journalism, in choice commercials.

The baritone voice is deep to medium dark, voice age 30-60+, enhanced with Nils Östergren’s knowledge in communication and audio production. And his pro studio guarantees perfect sound quality.

Nils Östergren operate through ÖSTERGREN FRIA, a Swedish PRV- & VAT-registered sole proprietorship situated at Allhelgonagatan 5, 118 58 Stockholm, Sweden (”fria” means free, alluding to the freedom of self employment).

Swedish voice talent Nils Östergren was a founding 500 member of the world Voices Organization.

Being one of the first 500 founding members of World-Voices Organization, Nils Östergren still honor the WOVO Best Practices Code. The World-Voices Organization (WoVO) is a non-profit, international association of voice actors. WoVO works to inform about best practices, standards for ethical conduct and professional expertise.

Nils Östergren specialize in explaining and selling a product, service or brand with what you might call “warm intensity”. Connect online or order a free demo of your manuscript for a voice over in an explainer video, corporate video, documentary, web video, television commercial, internet commercial, youtube intro etc. The voice is also suitable for e-learning, non fiction audio books and other forms of narration and storytelling.

What else? Nils Östergren enjoy a Stockholm inner city and archipelago family life together with a theater executive mother of two grown up children.

Nils Östergren is also administrating a web page in Swedish with information about his voiceover services: Nils Östergren VO.