Pro Voice-over Studio for Real-time Recording Online

The studio is acousticly treated and equipped for production of top quality voice recordings of all kinds. The signal chain is kept as short and uncomplicated as possible to minimize the risk for unwanted noise and technical interruptions.

Vocal booth: Studiobricks ONE Plus
Micophones: Neumann TLM 103 and Sennheiser MKH 416
Mixer: Yamaha AG03
A/D converter: Apogee Duet 2
Preamp: Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity.
Platform: Mac Mini
Remote: 500/50 Mbit/s cabel connection
Editing, mixning and mastering: Reaper
Mobile for travel: Sennheiser MKH 416 + Apogee One or Apogee Mic 96K + iPad (DAW: Auria) or Macbook Pro

Listen and direct my recordings online via the service of your choise – anything from for example a phone, Facebook Messenger and Skype to pro services like SourceConnect-NOW, ipDTL (ISDN-bridging), SessionLinkPro, Zoom and more.


This badge ensures that the studio, equipment and my technical performance has been scrutinised and approved within the Technical Studio Approval Program offered to the professional members of World-Voices Organization, WoVO.

In order to obtain WoVO approval, a candidate must demonstrate basic knowledge of:
Studio Construction: Understand the correct materials and the process of creating a personal studio
Acoustical Properties: Understand the acoustical properties of their personal studio
Audio Chain and Equipment: Understand the proper use of audio equipment in an audio chain
Microphone Technique: Demonstrate proper microphone technique

The candidate is tested on:
– Recording and recording levels
– Microphone technique
Submitted audio files are scrutinised for:
– Absence of plosives
– Proper proximity / placement
– Does the microphone suit the candidate’s voice?
– Is there headphone leakage, ground loops, ambient noise?
– Range of -6 to -4dB peak
– Minimal observable room reaction; bass reflex
– Minimal noise floor: -55 to -45 dBfs, peak
– Level reflectivity, room-size based reflection, bass reflex
– “Clarity” of audio: Is the audio “muddy” or overdriven?