How to Make an Online Directed Voice Recording

Realtime “VOnline” lets you skip the hassle with auditions, sifting through loads of demos and booking expensive studios. And it’s easy.

Voice recording is acting. And acting is communicating. A talent recording an audition demo is usually working alone, self directing the read. So there is no communication. There is no audience reacting. There is nobody there to say if the demo sounds believable.

Copy writing is also about communicating but can be a one man show without an audience. So why not bring the experienced voice and the professional pen together online so that they can try out different combinations of words with diffrent attitudes, phrasings, pitches etc – with the production team listening and reacting?

1 Note that there’s no extra charge for letting me connect my studio to your phone, Skype, online meeting service or similar. And you don’t have to learn any new procedures. Studios can connect for remote recording with SourceConnectNOW or Standard, ipDTL, SessionLinkPRO, Bodalgo Call and more.

2 I will apply my creative point-of-view when reading and recording your manuscript, and you can focus on listening, instructing and directing me. Why not let me connect to a speaker-phone, online meeting software or similar so that your entire team can participate. Note that I can download a video if there is one and adjust the read to that.

3 I’ll send you the recording as a free demo or a paid finished top quality product when you are satisfied.
How long does it take? For example: A well prepared script for a one minute explainer video can be recorded in less than half an hour. I can usually nail a read on the first or second take.

In any case it’s much faster than writing down directions on a manuscript, sending it out, getting back auditions, choosing one and going to a studio to direct the choosen talent.

Request a free online session and a quote (or – if you prefer – a traditional demo made anytime “offline”).