e-Learning Demos in Swedish

Listen to and Download Voice Talent Nils Östergren’s e-Learning Demos in Swedish

Here you will find a 1 minute mix of e-learning samples in Swedish and 11 individual short demos. Among them are also samples from educational videos.

Educational and e-Learning in Swedish

eLearning Reel: From Friendly to Deadpan Serious | Download

Short Extracts in Different Styles

Educational Videos

Considerate – Explaining | Download

Friendly – Explaining | Download

Caring – Explaining | Download

eLearning/Educational in Character

Easygoing – Engaging | Download

Seeking consensus | Download

eLearning Samples

Neutral – Urging | Download

Pleasant – Inquiring | Download

Engaged – Urging | Download

Persuasive – Energy | Download

Sincere – Urging | Download

Deadpan – Urging | Download