Listen and Choose Your Swedish Voice-actor Style – or “Swenglish”

Here you will find the Swedish Voice-actor Nils Östergren’s commercial and narration voice reels on the front page split into individual samples – and more.

Looking for eLearning and educational samples only? Go here.

Voice Actor Samples in English With an Accent

A corporate narration, a character narration and two basic demos in Swedish/Scandinavian English. Note: The accent can be tweaked.

Web-video Scandinavian English.
Character Odin in a “viking” English.
School English.
“International” English.

Short Voice Actor Samples in Swedish


Cinema – lively.
TV – calm.
TV – dramatic.

Explaining & Instructing

Cooking – smiling.
Technical – informative.
Medical – caring.
Information – “info-softsell”.
Storytelling – enthusiastic.

Corporate Videos

Narration – sophisticated.
Instruction – “casual sell”.
Education – urging.
Nuclear safety – deadpan.
Museum – presenting.
Construction work safety – cautioning.
Nice & demanding.
Calm, almost intimate.

Commercials – TV, Radio, Web

TV – Warm holiday feeling.
TV – simplifying a procedure.
Radio – softselling cars.
Web – bedtime storytelling.
Radio – longing for a wood stove.
TV – expectancy.
Web – service softsell.
Web – glorifying.

A Swedish Voice-actor Custom Demo is Free

Request a demo if you can not find a voice actor style among the examples above that fits the message of your script. I will record the demo for free if you provide me with as detailed information about your project as possible, for example the total number of words in your manuscript, where the audio will be used and in what type of end product . In addition, I need your full business address and – if your company is registered in an EU country – also your company’s VAT number.