eLearning and Educational videos

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Below you will find a 1 minute mix of eLearning samples and 11 individual demos. Among them are also demos from educational videos.

Rates and terms for eLearning (below the demos).

Educational and eLearning in Swedish

eLearning Reel: From Friendly to Deadpan Serious

Short Extracts in Different Styles

Educational Videos

Considerate – Explaining

Friendly – Explaining

Caring – Explaining

eLearning/Educational in Character

Eaysygoing – Engaging

Seeking consensus

eLearning Samples

Neutral – Urging

Pleasant – Inquiring

Engaged – Urging

Persuasive – Energy

Sincere – Urging

Deadpan – Urging

eLearning Rates and Terms – Nov 17 2021

First of all: Of course I guarantee confidentiality about project details that are not already widely known. So feel free to submit for example an extract from an authentic manuscript if you wish to recieve a free demo before you order. I will of course sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if necessary.

You are more than welcome to request a quote. I will adjust the presentation of my price to the way you are used to, whether it is a price per word or finished hour etc.

The amount of work that eLearning-projects will require usually vary enormously.

I calculate a price for a project based on
• the number of words,
• the complexity of the script,
• whether there is sufficient info about pronunciations (research is charged per hour),
• whether the recording has to be synced to time codes and/or video,
• whether the project includes manuscripts delivered on more than one occasion,
• whether the recorded audio file must be split in to multiple individually named audio files,
• whether the audio must be processed,
• whether the finished eLearning is for multiple internal and/or public use.

Bulk/repeat orders can be granted discounts.

The final cost – including recording, proofing, splitting and naming – tend to vary between US DOLLARS/EUR 0.15 and US DOLLARS/EUR 0.30 per word, though US DOLLARS/EUR 1.00 have been reached.

Corrections and revisions
• My misreadings (if any) will of course be corrected for free.
• A first time revision resulting in less than five minutes of finished audio is free, anything above that will be charged 50% of the price per word or finished minute.
• A revision after the eLearning project has been deployed will be considered as a new project.

Within 30 days of the date of the invoice.
A very large project for a new client may require a payment of 25-50% upfront.

Disputes shall be finally settled under Swedish law at a general court.