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Reels in Swedish – from the front page

Narrations Download
Commercials Download

Short samples in English

A corporate narration, a character narration and two basic demos in Swedish/Scandinavian English. My accent can be tweaked.

Web-video Scandinavian English. Download
Character “Odin” Scandinavian English. Download
School English. Download
“International” English. Download

Short samples in Swedish


Cinema – lively. Download
TV – calm. Download
TV – dramatic. Download

Explainer & EDUCATIONAL videos

eLearning demos only here.

Cooking – smiling. Download
Technical – informative. Download
Medical – caring. Download
Information  – “info-softsell”. Download
Storytelling – enthusiastic. Download

Corporate videos & e-Learning

eLearning demos only here.

Narration – sophisticated. Download
Instruction – “casual sell”. Download
Education – urging. Download
Nuclear safety – deadpan. Download
Museum – presenting. Download
Construction work safety – cautioning. Download
Nice and demanding. Download
Calm, almost intimate. Download
Neutral. Download

Commercial – TV, Radio, Web

TV – Warm holiday feeling. Download
TV – simplifying a procedure. Download
Radio – softselling cars. Download
Web – bedtime storytelling. Download
Radio – longing for a wood stove. Download
TV – expectancy. Download
Web – service softsell. Download
Web – glorifying. Download


Fiction. Download
Fiction two. Download
Non fiction. Download

Now, please take a look at a some videos and hear what my voice can do.