How to request a quote for a voice recording

You are more than welcome to request a quote. There are no commitments on your part.

Confidentiality and my company’s compliance with tax- and B2B-regulations is guaranteed.

A request for a quote for a voice recording must at least contain information about

• the factual or estimated lenght of the manuscript (number of words) or lenght of the finished recording (number of minutes) and
• the planned use of the recording – in what, where and for how long.
• your business address and – if it is within the European Union (EU) – your Value Added Tax (VAT) number.

Note: Any additional information will result in a more precise quote (see below for a list of questions to answer).

This is what you will get

You will receive a proposal valid for 30 days with
• a negotiable quote in line with the industry standard for professional VOs
• guarantees and
• verifiable business information. *

Note that the quote will be based on the information currently at hand. Additional information about the project may result in changes to the offer to carry it out and to the quote for it.

* Business information will include a physical address and a corporate identity number (both can be verified by Swedish tax authorities). EU clients will also get a Value Added Tax number – VAT (can be verified by The European Commission’s Taxation and Customs Union – VIES).


I will be able to deliver your voice recording within 2 – 48 hours with a guarantee that you will recieve
• clean recordings free from errors, clicks and pops
• top studio quality with no disturbing rumble
• recordings in proper neutral Swedish with no accent (as required by national Swedish radio and television stations).

Services included for free

I will – of course – record the exact wording of your manuscript. In addition to that you will receive alternative recordings for free of minor
• grammatical errors
• outdated expressions
• controversial words/wordings
• wordings that are not in line with your Swedish target audience way of speaking.

These types of errors sometimes occur when the author or translator is based outside Sweden. The errors are often not discovered until a recording is published for a Swedish audience. The alternative recordings I will provide you with makes it fast and easy to make necessary corrections without having to go through the process of ordering new recordings.

Unfortunately I can not offer a complete examination and rewrite of an entire manuscript for free. That can be done for an hourly rate. I have more than 30 years of experience from voice-over work and writing articles, video manuscripts, manuals and books.

Questions to answer in order to receive a precise quote

• How shall any unusual words/names be pronounced?
• Who is the end client?
• How many words are there in the manuscript?
• What is the end product(s) (in what will the recording be used)? *
• Where will the audio be published/used (media/platforms)? *
• For how long will the recording be used/public? *
• How many views/impressions do you anticipate it will receive?
• Will there be a need to synchronize the recording to time codes in the manuscript?
• Will there be a need to lip sync the recording?
• In what format must the recording be delivered?
• Will you require the recording to be split up in several individually named files? How many?
• Will you require processing of the audio?
• Deadline?

* Note that even if you are ordering a recording that will be used/published by someone else, you are always responsible for how the recording is used.