Contact & Availability


Allhelgonagatan 5, 118 58 Stockholm, Sweden.

+46 70 55 99 080


The studio is online seven days a week 9 am to 11 pm (9-23) local time in Sweden. Check current time in Sweden at TimeAndDate.

Connecting to the studio is possible via phone, Skype, SessionLinkPro, Bodalgo Call, SourceConnect-NOW or Standard, Zoom and more. I am open to other suggestions.

Requirements for a Quotation Request

Providing you with a quote and/or demo will be much easier if you can answer the following questions (note that all of them might not be relevant for your project or at the present stage of its development):

1 How do you formulate your message in just a few words.

2 Who is your target audience??

3 What outcome do you expect – what is the recording supposed to make the listener/viewer feel and/or do?

4 How will the recording be used and for how long?

5 How many words are there in the manuscript?

6 Where will the recording be published?

7 How should any unusual words/names be pronounced?

8 In what format should the recording be delivered (audio formats, cutting, naming, processing)?

9 Deadline?

10 Whats is your business address and (if within the EU) your VAT number.